Ring Mold Customization Advantage of Hangzhou Hanpai Mould

Ring Mold Customization Advantage of Hangzhou Hanpai Mould 

According to the pellets quality and hourly production requirements of customers,combined with the pellet production equipment and formula to design and customize the ring die which has below advantages:

1. Good appearance quality of pellets. No material dumping,uniform pellets, low powder content and good water resistance.
2. Easy to operate.Reduce the labor intensity of operators. No need to wash the mold, no blocking machine; Reduce testing machine times that due to the formula changes, and the pellet quality requirements can be met at one time; Reduce the probability of ring die breakage due to improper fit.
3. More efficient. The through hole rate of ring die is 99.99%,and the productionefficiency is improved by 10-40%.
4. More energy-saving. Producing the same ring die of the same output,we can reduce power consumption by 15-40%.
5. Higher cost performance ratio. The saved energy consumption cost can be enough to pay the price of ring mold.
6. Higher service life. For some processing materials that are particularly easy to wear ring mold, special ring mold materials and processing technology are adopted to greatly improve the service life of ring mold.
7. Better service. It can provide pre-sales, after-sales and on-site services, consultation and training of relevant technologies.

Although our customized molds have the above advantages, customers still need to pay attention to the following six points when using our molds:

1. Reasonable selection of compression ratio.

2. Ring die and roll shell assembly properly.

3.Ensure that the “blind hole rate” is less than 5% during the use of ring die.

4.Avoid bad operation habits such as forced feeding after emergency shutdown.

5. Pay attention to preheat ring die when starting up.

“HAPPY MOULD” is our trademark, using Happy Mould can make customer save a lot of production costs, increase profits and market competitiveness because of its smooth production, good pellets quality, high production efficiency, low power consumption,and easy operation.It also can reduce workers labor intensity,which bring happiness for everyone.

Post time: Dec-03-2022